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The first segment offered here was originally staged for 18 men and women, then staged for 5 (3 female, 2 male). Now for Choreography Online, it can be staged for all girl troupes, and demonstrated for both sides of stage.

Niveau de difficulté: 5 / 10

Les vidéos sont en Anglais
Chorégraphe Style de danse Durée
Michelle Zeitlin
JAZZ 00:01:24
Nombre de danseurs Ambiance Langue de la vidéo Genre
OUVERT Optimiste Anglais Pas d'importance
Nom de la musique, du compositeur / artiste, enregistrement utilisé

James Bond Theme, Album: At the Movies by Instrumental Champions

Informations sur l'éclairage

For show bookings, MZ will offer Lighting and Tech Notes

Remarques ou spécificités

The original choreography by Michelle Zeitlin Included production numbers for male and female dancers, small group routines, sinewy adagio, action stunt sequences and scripted scenes. All dance numbers can be scaled up or down to accommodate small or large groups. Please credit Michelle Zeitlin for any press or printed promotions.

Costume idéal

For competitions or showcases, girls can be in jazz flats or sandals, for sophisticated audiences and corporate, MZ suggests character heels for women, and co-Ed Casting to accommodate the theme of JAMES Bond- athletic, splashy, sensual.