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Inspired by the 1861 American novel Silas Marner, by George Eliot. The piece, however is NOT the Silas Marner story, but is powered by similar underlying themes: abandonment by God, religion, and society, rejection of man-made rules of conduct that counter natural human behavior. The irony of an individual rejected by a societal environment of unquestioning conformity by searching for salvation in another human being.

Niveau de difficulté: 6 / 10

Les vidéos sont en Anglais
Chorégraphe Style de danse Durée
Rick Tjia
Nombre de danseurs Ambiance Langue de la vidéo Genre
SOLO Sérieux Anglais Femme
Nom de la musique, du compositeur / artiste, enregistrement utilisé

Session by Linkin Park

Informations sur l'éclairage

Open - let your lighting designer have at it!

Costume idéal

Dark solid color, shorts (either a bit loose or tight-fitting) and tight fitting short or crop-sleeve top, so that we see the dancer's legs and arms. Can be danced either barefoot or in socks - the minimum necessary in order to be able to do the turns.