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Aeia Bridled, movement 5: Propoganda


The movement and relationship between the two partners is strange and dysfunctional. There is an unspoken power struggle between the two, with each one fighting for dominance - however, ironically, they are interdependent and one cannot really survive without the other. This is a pas de deux that actually takes 4 people. Two are dressed completely in black (including a black stocking face and head cover) so that they can partner the male and female dancer behind the furthest upstage light corridor without being seen.

Niveau de difficulté: 7 / 10

Les vidéos sont en Anglais
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Rick Tjia
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DUO Sérieux Anglais Mix
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Rick Tjia: Aeia Bridled (show version)

Informations sur l'éclairage

Rectangle corridors of light projecting from stage left. The last corridor in the back must allow for two hidden dancers all in black to not be seen if standing directly behind the light ling.

Remarques ou spécificités

Man and woman need to be approximately the same height (or only a small difference between them). If male dancer is slightly shorter, that's okay. Music: the music was written, performed, and produced by me. If you are using the music to perform this piece, I automatically give you the right to use the music in performance. There are no other steps to take in order to obtain the rights; it's a done deal.

Costume idéal

Male Dancer: black or dark color trimmed with red at places. Form fitting pants and black or dark shoes. Single solid color, except for any red trim. Female Dancer: skin or tan colored skin tight costume that shows bare legs and arms. The original costume had metal bars and rings across the front suggesting a horse bridle, but this is not essential in any costume design. Hair attached but NOT in a bun. It is better if the hair in back is kept hanging loose (if the female dancer has long hair). Two Hidden Partners: all black from head to toe, including black face and head cover. They must remain unseen as they partner the two visible dancers behind the light line upstage.