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Entr'act-Welcome to Emerald City - KEEP


Choreography is very animated and fun to do. Designed with animation motion picture capture in mind.

Niveau de difficulté: 3 / 10

Les vidéos sont en Anglais
Chorégraphe Style de danse Durée
Mic Thompson
ENFANTS 00:04:41
Nombre de danseurs Ambiance Langue de la vidéo Genre
GROUPE Joyeux Anglais Mix
Nombre idéal de danseurs Nombre idéal de danseuses
9 9
Nom de la musique, du compositeur / artiste, enregistrement utilisé

Entr'act/Harold Arlen, with lyrics by Yip Harburg

Informations sur l'éclairage

Bright lighting daytime.

Remarques ou spécificités

The staging of this number is open for performance director to stage as he or she visualizes. . I created the choreography for 2-6 Poppie Girls( 0::00-0:42) /1 female OZ Ballet Hostess (0:42-1:00) add in 2 male OZ Hosts (1:00-1:39) / add in 3-6 Oz-ean city folks (1:39-2:39) / add in 1 male head Beautician, 2 female stuffers for Scarecrow, 2 Salon females for Dorothy, 2 males to polish up the Tin Man. 2 same female with clippers for Lion (2:39-3:58) Full cast to end at (3:58-4:41)

Costume idéal

Bright colored clothing mixed with patterns and solids. Dorothy, Tin Man, Lion and Scarecrow would look best if costumed simialar as in the movie.