License Period of time Price
Single Performance (1 yr) Within 1 year $100.00 (USD)
3 Performances (1 yr) Within 1 year $215.00 (USD)
6 Performances (1 yr) Within 1 year $275.00 (USD)
15 performances (1 yr) Within 1 year $400.00 (USD)
Unlimited Performances (1 yr) Within 1 year $495.00 (USD)

Coming Home


Lyrical/ Contemporary For story I went with trying to get rid of a specific habit, relationship or anything that worth’s you down. So through the piece we see and feel the journey of all the different emotions we go through as we try to get rid of negative things. At the end you can decide if they accomplish that or get stuck back in it.

Difficulty level: 6 / 10

Videos are in English
Choreographer Dance style Duration
Bonnie Story
CONTEMPORARY (lyrical) 00:02:00
Cast size Mood Teaching language Gender
DOES NOT MATTER Serious English Does not matter
Name of music, composer/artist, recording used

Coming Home/ Sigma/ acoustic

Ideal costume

Very pedestrian/ but flowy and that moves. Guys in stretch jeans.