Are there any other companies who propose the same service for choreography?

At this current time, there is no other company that sells rights to choreography online. While there are some companies that teach dance classes and combinations virtually, none sell copyrights to full dance choreographies and pieces. There are other similar platforms and applications in other artistic disciplines such as Shutterstock, 500 Pix, Dreamstime, Twenty20, Promo by Slidely, Artlist, Premium Beat, Musicbed, Soundstripe, iStock, Promo, Playscripts, Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW), and Canadian Musical Reproduction Rights Agency (CMRRA) to name only a few.


What videos do I need to upload?

For Choreographer Profile:


For Choreography Page (one for each piece being sold):


Who retains the rights to choreography put onto the platform?


Since choreography is not copyrightable, how can you keep people from sharing the downloaded videos?


Is there a selection process to decide which choreographies can be sold in the platform?

Yes, there is a selection process and professional standard. We embrace a diverse array of choreographies provided that content, resolution, and text explanations meet our quality standards. We do reserve the right to refuse any submission that is deemed inappropriate, low quality, unprofessional, or could damage the reputation of the company or its employees in anyway.

If there is a possibility that some video or audio content may be offensive to some people or age groups, it will be indicated in the choreography description.


After my choreography is bought, who is in charge of setting the piece?

The buyer will be responsible for setting and rehearsing your piece.  The choreographer will make video as clear as possible to ensure the desired execution. After purchase, the choreographer will have a limited role in executing the final result of the piece.  In the future, Choreography Online may expand its platform to include in-person residency bookings, allowing greater connectivity and education between the choreographer and buyers. For now, we encourage choreographers to embrace this platform to share their work globally, the same way composers, musicians, and painters share their content.


Will a school or regional company performing a choreographer’s work poorly affect the choreographer’s reputation in a negative way?


When kids and young musicians make mistakes and hit flat notes while playing the Four Seasons, do people in the audience think that Vivaldi was a mediocre composer?


As much as choreographers fear that quality of execution reflects on the quality of choreography, the truth is that most audience members don’t think about the choreographer when dancers make mistakes or have less than ideal technique. The people who will think about the choreography are professionals, and professionals know the difference between the choreography itself and its actual execution. The fact that this concerns you is because you, as a professional, know the difference, which means that other professionals do and will as well.


Will I lose choreography contracts when people start opting for the less costly option online?


How many contracts are you currently getting per year in Australia, the UK, Germany, South Africa?


For choreographers, we feel that the platform will open the door to new markets by allowing people to experience their work at a lower initial cost and thus a lower risk to them. This eventually generated popularity in these so-called “untouched markets.” As a result, buyers will become more willing to take the financial risk in bringing them in to create original works since they have already “tested the waters.”

In addition, contrary to what people predicted would happen, music file sharing actually increased music and concert ticket sales for independent music labels. So essentially,  by opening their work to new markets, choreographers are also able to gain supplemental income often times for work that has already been done and created.


In what countries will Choreography Online market?

Initially we intend to focus our efforts on North America, the United Kingdom, and Australia since this is where we performed our preliminary market research. In addition, there is a higher demand for this type of service in these markets and these areas are more familiar and comfortable making digital transactions.


If I open a choreographer account, how can I ensure that I don’t get lost among the mire of other choreographers on the platform?


I don’t have a professional camera! I’m worried about having to make that investment.

We created this service in order to share amazing content and choreography, not to show our filming techniques and resolution technology skills. That being said, you don’t need a professional camera. Most phones today can film in 4K resolution which is more than enough to create clear and professional looking videos for the internet. In fact, we recommend that you not use “professional” equipment because the file sizes that professional equipment produces are too large to be uploaded or for people to watch. You will then need to lower the resolution in order to load the video onto the platform thus reducing the resolution anyway.   


I’m concerned with the amount of work it will take to create the videos needed to be able to sell my choreography.


What does Choreography Online charge for the service?

Opening an account and uploading your choreography so as to sell it on the platform  costs nothing. Choreography Online takes 10% of the licence fee only when one is sold. With respect to credit card processing fees, the plan is for the choreographer to be able to decide whether or not to add the cost of those fees into the licence price or not.


What about choreographers’ agents?  Will they get a commission for sales made through the platform?

No, for the moment, choreographer’s agents will not get commissions through the Choreography Online platform. Choreographers on the platform act as independent contractors, representing themselves, selling as themselves, and solely getting paid for the sale of their work. In the future, we do see the platform evolving and expanding to offer agent accounts that can be connected to the choreographers they represent. This will be linked to a service where people who are interested in having an original work created for them can negotiate with the choreographer’s agent and pay their fees entirely through our platform. In this case, the agent would obtain their commission through the platform.


Who is responsible for obtaining the rights to the music used in choreography?

In order for choreography to be sold on the platform, the choreographer will need to obtain rights for any music used in their danced video of the choreography. For those who purchase and perform choreography set to music, they must agree to be responsible for obtaining rights to use the music in performance (this is not the choreographer's responsibility). Legally, this has always been the protocol to adhere to.

In the future, we would like to add the ability to directly purchase music rights through the platform. However, in order to ensure that the quality of our platform, services and choreography offered, at the outset we will concentrate energies on the principal value offering and unfortunately will not be able to include music rights purchasing services.


How does pricing work?

Choreographers decide what price they would like to charge for each licence type..  Choreographers can also choose to add One Year Exclusive Licence options, in addition to the regular licence types (see the next paragraph for an explanation of what an Exclusive Licence is).  Although we can suggest a reasonable baseline prices based on our market study, the ideal price will vary depending on the type of choreography (solo, duo, trio, group), and the notoriety of the choreographer.


Will buyers be upset if other people buy the same choreography as them?

Predicting someone’s reaction is impossible so it is safe to say that some might be unhappy while others will not mind. In order to minimize any negative reaction with regards to this topic, we have included an option to sell a limited-time “Exclusive” licence type. As soon as someone purchases the Exclusive Licence, the piece of choreography will disappear from the catalog until the Exclusive Licence expires. This licence type is sold at a higher price since it reduces the number of times a choreographer can sell their piece.  Because the piece disappears from the catalog once an Exclusive Licence is sold, it is not recommended to include an Exclusive Licence as a purchasing option unless you have many active choreographies in the catalog. 


Will there be a way of searching the choreography catalog using various parameters?

Yes. The following search parameters will be included on the platform:

There is also a Trending List that lists choreographies in order of Popularity (Likes and Loves).  Underneath the Trending List is an Editors’ Choice List that will be an order created by dance professionals hired by our team.


What other advantages can this platform bring?