License Period of time Price
Single Performance (1 yr) Within 1 year $150.00 (USD)
3 Performances (1 yr) Within 1 year $265.00 (USD)
6 Performances (1 yr) Within 1 year $295.00 (USD)
15 performances (1 yr) Within 1 year $425.00 (USD)
Unlimited Performances (1 yr) Within 1 year $495.00 (USD)



This solo is an excerpt from a group piece titled "The Man Who Travelled Nowhere in Time" The solo has been performed at The Center of Performance Research in Brooklyn, The Duncan Theater in Florida, CHOP SHOP dance Festival in Washington, and at Festival Quartiers Danses in Montreal.

Difficulty level: 7 / 10

Videos are in English
Choreographer Dance style Duration
Kyra Jean Green
CONTEMPORARY (non-ballet) 00:04:05
Cast size Mood Teaching language Gender
SOLO Serious English Does not matter
Name of music, composer/artist, recording used

Spaiku Talks/ Eytan Tobin

Ideal costume

Button up light colored shirt. Muted tone pants