License Period of time Price
Single Performance (1 yr) Within 1 year $150.00 (USD)
3 Performances (1 yr) Within 1 year $275.00 (USD)
6 Performances (1 yr) Within 1 year $350.00 (USD)
15 performances (1 yr) Within 1 year $500.00 (USD)
Unlimited Performances (1 yr) Within 1 year $600.00 (USD)



This choreography includes three sequences: #1-Montreal Get Down, #2-Shake it Fast, #3-16 Bars of Hotness. Mix and match sequence #1,2,3 to fit your routine. You can change the order or even pull from other combos I teach on Choreography online. That will make you stand out from the others. Sequence #1 & #2 should have separate lines in the staging allowing the audience to see the different step patterns. The Montreal Get Down sequence is a traveling pattern that should have a vocal cadence of your choice. Get creative! Maybe describe your team, or brag about being the best steppers around.

Difficulty level: 8 / 10

Videos are in English
Choreographer Dance style Duration
Khalid Freeman
Cast size Mood Teaching language Gender
GROUP Upbeat English Mixed
Ideal cast men Ideal cast women
4 4
Name of music, composer/artist, recording used

None; a cappella

Lighting information


Remarks or specificities

Pick a tempo everyone can play without rushing. Slow is normally better.

Ideal costume

Boots are not necessary but enhance the sound when stomping.