License Period of time Price
Single Performance (1 yr) Within 1 year $300.00 (USD)
6 Performances (1 yr) Within 1 year $1500.00 (USD)
Unlimited Performances (1 yr) Within 1 year $2500.00 (USD)



Fingerspitzengefühl is German for the type of knowledge you can only acquire by being in a specific location and situation. The closest English idiom would be "having ones finger on the pulse" of a situation.

Difficulty level: 9 / 10

Videos are in English
Choreographer Dance style Duration
Peter Merz
Cast size Mood Teaching language Gender
GROUP Dramatic English Mixed
Ideal cast men Ideal cast women
3 6
Name of music, composer/artist, recording used

Increase, David Lang

Lighting information

First movement requires 9 sharp downpools of light

Remarks or specificities

The music for the first movement is not currently available. I am willing to discuss the options for staging either the whole piece or simply the second movement. Strong pointe work required of the women. THIS CHOREOGRAPHY IS PRESENTLY SOLD WITHOUT A TUTORIAL VIDEO. PLEASE CONTACT INFO@CHOREOGRAPHY.ONLINE FOR INFORMATION - CETTE PIÈCE EST ACUTELLEMENT VENDUE SANS LA VIDÉO TUTORIELLE. CONTACTEZ INFO@CHOREOGRAPHY.ONLINE POUR DE PLUS AMPLES RENSEIGEMENTS.

Ideal costume