License Period of time Price
Single Performance (1 yr) Within 1 year $150.00 (USD)
6 Performances (1 yr) Within 1 year $300.00 (USD)
Unlimited Performances (1 yr) Within 1 year $500.00 (USD)

I hope you dance


This piece is an advanced lyrical piece for advanced students or company members.

Difficulty level: 6 / 10

Videos are in English
Choreographer Dance style Duration
Joy Dameron
CONTEMPORARY (lyrical) 00:02:53
Cast size Mood Teaching language Gender
GROUP Slow English Mixed
Ideal cast men Ideal cast women
0 9
Name of music, composer/artist, recording used

I Hope You Dance / Caleb and Kelsey

Remarks or specificities

Dancers must be able to do fouetté turns and A la seconde turns.