How it works

If you’ve ever shopped or sold anything online, then you should already have an idea of how online shopping and selling works. If you haven’t, then here is a simple explanation of how Choreography Online works:

Choreographers put their choreography on our site and sell limited-time usage licenses for them. A limited-time usage license is a license that gives the buyer official permission to perform the choreography on stage, for the number of times and during the time period allowed by the license, provided that the choreographer is given credit for the work in any show, concert, or competition programs that the choreography is performed in. The length of time during which a buyer can perform the choreography varies depending on the license type.

People shopping for choreography can decide on the choreographies they like and wish to purchase, by using several parameters to help make their decision:

  • By watching the 15-second teaser video provided for each choreography on sale.
  • By using our Trending List, which is based on the number of Likes and Loves a choreography receives.
  • By using the choreographer’s popularity within the Choreography Online platform (Likes and Loves), or without the platform (social media, newspaper articles, word-of-mouth recommendations) as a scale.
  • By using our Editor’s Choice List. The Editor’s Choice list is a preference list drawn up by a hand-picked team of seasoned professionals from around the world.
  • By searching for choreographers whose work they know already. However, we always strongly encourage trying out new choreographers who catch your eye - your next choreography love may very well be someone who is not already famous. Remember: all well-known choreographers are well-known because someone in the past decided to present their work publicly before they were well-known.

Once a buyer has filled their Shopping Cart with all the choreographies they would like to purchase, they can simply click on “Checkout,” and proceed to the credit card payment screen.

Choreography Online accepts all major debit and credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express) from customers in every country, as well as digital wallet payment methods.

Once that’s all done, the buyer is then free and clear to learn and perform the choreographies as needed, within the limitations of the licenses purchased!

What you get when you purchase a choreography

  • One video of the purchased choreography with the proper music.
  • One video of someone teaching and explaining the choreography (counts, details, intention, etc.).
  • If the music is a medley of different songs, you will have access to the music edit used in the choreography.
  • A unique license number that is linked to each purchase. This serves as proof that you are performing a choreographer’s work legitimately and with official permission. Although not obligatory, it is recommended that you include the license number in any show, concert, or competition programs that the choreography is performed in.