Dave Dam

Dancepassion was ignited by Justin Timberlake / Marty Kudelka in late 2002. Started dancing at the age of 16 and never stopped since. From hobby to passion leading all the way to a career I couldnt be more grateful about the path that was paved. With years of experience I'm a prof choreographer from Austria. Having my footprints in National TV and Music Videos. As and Instructor and teacher I was lucky and able to share my groove and knowledge in countries like Germany, UK (London), Belgium, Mexico and USA. Wels / Austria is my homebase. Besides Urban / Hip Hop Styles my main focus is choreography and musicality training. I also do ballroom dance / partnering. Dance is a neverending story like mine that's why I never stop learning other styles.

office@davedamchoreography.com IG: dave_dam YT: Dave Dam Any kind of messages will reach me and Ill do my best to respond ASAP.

I worked on


Rhythm Nation - Janet Jackson special edit (Short Form)
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