Jennifer Blake

Jennifer has worked as a dance artist, dance educator, performer and choreographer in the USA, UK and Spain. She is also one of the Co-founders of the Institute of the Arts Barcelona, (IAB). She has professional recognition from US and UK universities and colleges which, align her experience as a dance artist and educator with professional, international standards. Jennifer has performed with Princess Cruises, Super Bowl XXX111/ Radio City Entertainment, Demetrius Klein Dance Company, Tampa Bay Ballet, Visa´s "Read Me A Story" USA Theatre Tour, X –Factor Dance Company (UK), Curve Foundation (UK) , Wired Aerial Theatre and Jacqui Jones Dance Company/Guangdong Chinese Modern Dance Company (UK), as well as, presented her own work in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, designed “dance on prescription programmes“for the NHS and choreographed and acted for TV advertisements with Crest, Desigual and more in Spain. She is currently studying an MSc.


Five Steps Forward, Two Steps Back
MODERN (Graham, Cunningham, etc.)
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